Doogan’s Digest (The Videos)

Episode 5 – 4-23-2015 Coastal Rehab

Nathalie Descheneaux and Selina Carey, OT, talk about Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy and Speech Therapy. Coastal has a specialty license in LSVT BIG and LOUD designed specifically for Parki…

Episode 4 – 4-20-2015 Scott Moody, Economist, The Silver Tsunami

The movement of millions of Americans, the baby boomers, into retirement and the ensuing illnesses that come with aging has significant consequences – in Maine, across America and around the globe….

Episode 3 – 4-7-2015 Brett Seekins The Guru of PACE

PACE – Program for ALL-Inclusive Care for the Elderly – is a CMS product that provides 100% care for its member. A PACE center is a one-stop shop for its member in that all necessary services can b…

Episode 2 – 4-7-2015 Meghan Rumore – Health Sciences Degree

How can more students be encouraged to pursue careers in Health related fields? This recent graduate talks about her decision to get a B.S. in Health Sciences and eventually pursue a Masters Degree.

Episode 1 – Ken Capron of MemoryWorks

First show of the Doogan’s Digest series. Frank discussion about dementia and dementia care in Maine.

In The Beginning – Issues That Matter
Interview by Robert Picone – The Silver Tsunami