Believe It or Not – the Cell Phone Alzheimer’s Treatment

OMG! It’s Smart Meters all over again. Would you believe that radio waves generated by cell phones could treat Alzheimer’s? According to one report (2009), when RF waves are directed inward at accumulated Beta Amyloid plaques, the plaques break down – at least in mice with Alzheimer’s. You can download the scientific report here

“Despite numerous studies, there is no definitive evidence that high-frequency electromagnetic field (EMF) exposure is a risk to human health. To the contrary, this report presents the first evidence that long-term EMF exposure directly associated with cell phone use (918 MHz; 0.25 W/kg) provides cognitive benefits. Both cognitive-protective and cognitive-enhancing effects of EMF exposure were discovered for both normal mice and transgenic mice”.

So, is this believable? The report states “we conclude that EMF exposure may represent a non-invasive, non-pharmacologic therapeutic against Alzheimer’s disease and an effective memory-enhancing approach in general.” But then this is a 2009 report. Where the beef?

In a recent release, inventor Eric Knight claims to have patented a device that will focus EMF waves on the brain – and he’s giving away free rights to his patented technology. “He created the prototype of a unique device designed to keep Alzheimer’s Disease from progressing. It’s a bicycle helmet with postcard-sized antennas facing inward towards the brain.” Rube Goldberg wants his helmet back!

Could this be real? “The a-ha moment came when he applied data from working on the first privately-funded rocket into space to come up with his device.

‘You know, I can take those same antennas that are flexible around the rocket, flip them around and have them flex inward, and broadcast the same sort of RF inward as a therapeutic to the brain,’ said Knight.”

Maybe this is a breakthrough. Maybe not. Would you be 1st in line to put that helmut on grandma’s head? You know it’s going to mess up her hairdo!

Honestly, many people I meet who have dementia, or know someone who does, would do almost anything to change the course of the disease. If only it came with a built in toaster …

FMI: Eric Knight’s WebSite


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